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Anastasia Kochetkova

Anastasia Kochetkova is an actress and filmmaker. She was born on June 2, 1988, in Moscow, Russia. Starting her career in the entertainment industry during her teenage years, she gained recognition as a finalist on the music reality show "Star Factory 4" at the age of 15. After the show, Anastasia joined the group Banda, also known as "Gang" in Russian, along with Timati, Dominique Joker, and Ratmir Shishkov.


Anastasia hails from a family of esteemed professionals. Her father, Sergey Lvovich Kochetkov, a lawyer, and her mother, Elena Konstantinovna Kochetkova (née Morozova), an architect and artist, provided a strong foundation. Her older brother, Konstantin Kochetkov, also a lawyer, and step-sister, Ekaterina Kochetkova, a fashion designer, added to the family's diverse talents. Growing up in a prosperous and noble Russian family, Anastasia enjoyed a life of privilege. Her grandfather, Konstantin Konstantinovich Morozov (1921-1989), was a renowned Soviet scientist and exceptional organizer in the field of radio equipment creation and production for rocket and space technology. Additionally, he has made significant contributions to radio technical education credited with the launch of Sputnik 1, the first artificial Earth satellite. Anastasia's formative years were spent in Moscow, where she attended the Moscow Economic School from 1993 to 2003. It was during this period that her path intersected with her future music partner, Timati, and she embarked on her music career as a member of the group Vip 77.


Anastasia Kochetkova gained recognition within the Russian community through her participation in the music reality show "Star Factory 4" and as a member of the group Banda. With a recording contract from ARS Records and the renowned composer Igor Krutoy, the group flourished until 2007 when tragedy struck with the untimely death of member Ratmir Shishkov. In 2006, Kochetkova made her foray into the realm of acting with her delightful debut in the romantic comedy "Heat." After this initial success, she further honed her skills by pursuing her education at The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography.

In 2007, Kochetkova showcased her talent at the international music contest for young performers, New Wave, held in Jūrmala, Latvia. In 2010, she released her solo album and the single "Ia ne Ia," accompanied by a music video directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Later that same year, she collaborated with Russian singer T-Killah on the single "Nad Zemley." In 2011, the project "Factory of Stars. Return"  (Star Factory. Returning) was launched, bringing together previous graduates and finalists from the earlier seasons of Star Factory 4. Representing composer Igor Krutoy, Kochetkova participated in the eighth season of the show. 

In 2011, Kochetkova earned her first Bachelor of Arts degree as an Actor of Legitimate Theater and Cinema, specializing in "Dramatics." She went on to take part in the television project "Island Survivor" on the NTV (Russia) channel in 2013. From 2010 to 2014, Kochetkova worked on her solo album, co-producing 23 singles. 

In 2015, she pursued her second Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting for Film at the New York Film Academy, South Beach. Eventually, she switched to the Master's program and obtained her Master's of Fine Arts in Filmmaking in 2019.

Kochetkova's filmmaking prowess is evident in the three short films she has written, produced, and directed: "The Choice," "The Mighty Arm," and "Late Again Ana." "Late Again Ana" received accolades at the "Festigious" International Film Festival and "LAFA" Los Angeles Film Awards, winning the title of "Best Student Film of the Year 2019" and "Best Woman Filmmaker" at the "Vegas Movie Awards." Kochetkova established her production company,, Corp, and has produced short films such as "The David," directed by Czech film director Jan Bauer, and "Watch Me," directed by French film director Carl Olympio. She continues to create commercials and music videos in Florida.



Behind the Scenes

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